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Stress less and
earn more from your rentals

Mynd is a tech-enabled real estate company serving an $85B+ property management and real estate investment market.

We’re on a mission to create happy homes and healthy investments by offering best-in-class property management services and making Single Family Rentals (SFRs) an accessible investment opportunity. 

Insurance for the
Real Estate Investor

As the real estate insurance program of Norton Insurance, realprotect is not only comprised of insurance professionals, we’re also a real estate firm that has over 200 licensed agents and property managers.

We are the experts in insuring real estate investors and understand the real estate business and what you look for and need in a comprehensive insurance program. You’ve built a business out of owning and investing in real estate.

Let us help you protect it.

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Search for available properties in any market

Find available properties in markets across the US. Available properties include MLS listings, FSBOs, auction, and listings from other investors (wholesalers, turnkey Operators, etc.)

Find ARV, comps, rent, taxes, and more!

With the click of a button, Housefolios goes out and searches for data on that property. It checks multiple sources in a matter of seconds and shows you what it came up with.

Buy & Hold? Fix & Flip? Wholesale? Turnkey? Airbnb?

Housefolios runs all the calculations for multiple strategies enabling you to see if it’d be more profitable to buy & hold, fix & flip, wholesale, turnkey, airbnb, or pass on a deal.

Create professional proforma reports for your property

Create a report for your deal to share with your lender, business partner, or spouse. We have multiple reports to help you no matter what your circumstance may be.

Build your own website to market investment properties

With Housefolios, you get your own marketplace website to showcase your properties. No more manual inputting properties into your current website! After analyzing a property, list it with one click.

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