The new way to analyze properties

Housefolios is the only software that gathers data (ARV, comps, rent, etc.) for available properties across the US and analyzes each one to determine whether it’d be more profitable to Buy & Hold, Flip, Turnkey, or Pass on a property. This is the tool every investor has been waiting for.

What investors used before Housefolios

We took the most useful features from the best tools available and combined them all into one easy-to-use software!

Now, you have Housefolios

Jared, Illinois
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I love how Housefolios gathers all the data for me. I don’t have to spend time checking Zillow, Rentometer, county records, AVMs, etc. anymore!
Mike, Utah
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Housefolios has replaced a bunch of software that I used every month. It is multifaceted with a great team, and great customer service. Would never go back!
Rob, California
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I used to hire analysts or use virtual assistants to help me find properties...Housefolios is cheaper and frankly makes a lot less mistakes.

What can you do with Housefolios?

Search for available properties in any market

Find available properties in markets across the US. Available properties include MLS listings, FSBOs, auction, and listings from other investors (wholesalers, turnkey Operators, etc.)


Versus Zillow, Redfin,

Find your next investment property!

Find ARV, comps, rent, taxes, and more!

With the click of a button, Housefolios goes out and searches for data on that property. It checks multiple sources in a matter of seconds and shows you what it came up with.


versus rentometer, propstream, dealcheck

Let us gather the data for you!

Buy & Hold? Fix & Flip? Wholesale? Turnkey? Airbnb?

Housefolios runs all the calculations for multiple strategies enabling you to see if it’d be more profitable to buy & hold, fix & flip, wholesale, turnkey, airbnb, or pass on a deal.


versus bigger pockets, dealcheck, mashvisor

Pick the most profitable strategy!

Create professional proforma reports for your property

Create a report for your deal to share with your lender, business partner, or spouse. We have multiple reports to help you no matter what your circumstance may be.


replaces rehab valuator, mashvisor, biggerpockets

Start making professional reports!

Build your own website to market investment properties

With Housefolios, you get your own marketplace website to showcase your properties. No more manual inputting properties into your current website! After analyzing a property, list it with one click.


replaces wordpress, wix, carrot

All your properties in one place!

Who should use Housefolios?

Single Family Investors

Find available single family homes that are listed for sale. You can also analyze an off-market property if you have the address.

Brokers & Agents

Quickly find the best investments available on the MLS, analyze them, and list them for sale on your Housefolios marketplace website.

Multi-family Investors

Quickly analyze small multi-family properties with Housefolios. We’ll help you find comps, rent, ARV, etc. Soon, you’ll be able to source too!


Analyze any address (listed or off-market) and Housefolios will gather the ARV, rent, comps, etc. and run the numbers for you. *We don’t provide skiptracing yet.

Turnkey Operators

Easily see if a property meets both your and your end-buyer’s return targets. When a property is ready, list it on your Housefolios marketplace to sell.


Don’t waste time underwriting a loan submission. Quickly type in the address to see at a glance whether or not that property meets your loan approval criteria.

See How Housefolios Works

The average analyst takes 20-30 minutes to fully analyze a property.
With Housefolios, you can analyze hundreds of properties in seconds.

“Some days I'd have 40 properties to underwrite. When this happened, I knew I wouldn’t be going home until after 10 pm… Now I just upload them all into Housefolios. The software does the work and I get 10-20 hours of work done before lunch!

Timmy H.

Grow your real estate portfolio

Find worthwhile properties fast and see the best data so you can make confident decisions.

Then watch your investment portfolio grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial?

Not a free trial, but we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on any paid plan so there is zero risk!

Do I have to be a realtor?

No! Anyone searching for a profitable investment property can use Housefolios. 

How much does it cost?

We have several pricing options starting at $23/month.

Do I have to install anything?

No! Housefolios does everything in the cloud. You can access your account on any device with internet.

Do you provide skip tracing?

We do not provide skip tracing at this time. However, we are always adding new features to the software.

Where does the data come from?

The data comes from a variety of sources. MLS data, researches, surveys, studies, paid data providers, public data, census data, etc.

Can I analyze multi-family?

At this time, Housefolios is primarily for single family homes. However, all the calculations will still work, you just  need to verify some of the numbers (rent, etc.)

Can I get a demo?

Yes! Click here to schedule a session with our team or head over to the “Contact” button on the website header.

How do I integrate my MLS?

We use a nationwide data package that incorporates listing data from the majority of US MLSs.

I have a question / I need help!

Use the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen. That is the fastest way to get help!

Helping real estate investors find, fund, and manage single-family residential portfolios to grow lasting wealth.